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Secondary Glazing

Secondary glazing involves fitting a discreet internal window in addition to your existing, single, double and triple glazed window. It’s a cost effective and efficient way to insulate and soundproof your windows, and preferred for the use within Listed Buildings and conservation areas.

Benefits of Secondary Glazing

Recommended by English Heritage, the Listed Property Owners Club and the Energy Saving Trust, the benefits of secondary glazing include:

  • Up to 80% noise reduction
  • Minimise drafts, reduce heat loss by up to 65%
  • An additional security barrier
  • Condensation control
  • Reduced carbon footprint

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of aluminium secondary glazing. This involves fitting a discreet internal window that keeps the character of your property and exceeds the benefits of double glazing. Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial developer, find out how we can transform your property with secondary double glazing by calling us today on 01246 862 319.

Horizontal Sliding Secondary Glazing

Horizontal sliding secondary glazing is extremely popular due to it being multi-functional and a perfect fit for all property types and styles. Whether you own a period property, listed building or a character cottage, our secondary glazing solutions will complement them all. It is the most commonly used type of secondary glazing and ensures high levels of security whilst achieving durability and a long-lasting lifespan. It is particularly useful when replacement windows are not needed or if your home is within a conservation area as they offer a discreet and subtle upgrade.

Our horizontal sliders are an ideal choice for high rise and low level commercial and residential properties as well as heritage homes. The versatile nature of the secondary glazing solution makes it a cost-effective and worthwhile investment. It is an affordable home improvement solution which you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come.

Vertical Sliding Secondary Glazing

Vertical sliders are used in conjunction with traditional box sash windows. A tilt in option is available which enables both panels to individually tilt into the room for easy cleaning.

Secondary Glazing Sash Windows for Heritage and Modern Properties

Secondary glazing sash windows are the perfect, thermally efficient, solution for owners of heritage homes. This is a vertical sliding secondary glazing that fits on the inside of a vertical sliding sash window to help improve its heat performance.

Listed properties often find that they are unable to replace their sash windows with modern double glazing. This is because it can affect the traditional outer appearance of these buildings. Secondary glazing sash windows, on the other hand, sit discreetly on the inside. They function in the same way as double glazing but without impacting the façade.

In addition, our modern secondary glazing sash windows offer a number of great benefits befitting a modern home. As a result, they aren’t just perfect for heritage properties but also modern buildings that want that vintage look which only sash windows provide.

Hinged Secondary Glazing

With no transoms or mullions to spoil the view, our hinged secondary glazing windows provide a truly unobtrusive glazing system. They retain the character of your existing primary windows, whilst delivering great acoustic performance, enhanced thermal efficiency, condensation control and enhanced security.

Hinged secondary glazing windows are popular due to being suitable for all types of property from modern high rises to period cottages or homes. Secondary glazing is useful for when you have windows that don’t need fully replacing so that you can add to them to make them multi-functional.

Hinged units can be supplied with the hinges positioned left or right, or top-hung to suit your existing windows. Hinges can also be butt style to provide 180º/90º opening, plus they’re designed to avoid hinge-drop, to ensure maximum durability. This is an extremely advanced secondary glazing system. Our hinged units are capable of supporting up to 120kg in weight, making them a popular choice with many of our commercial clients.

The units are fully square and sealed, whilst a single operating handle (positionable at any height) ensures easy access for large-scale systems. You can add the hinged secondary glazing window to any style of window from casement to hinged, as long as there are vertical bars.

Lift Out Secondary Glazing

Fixed to the face or reveal of the existing window. These units use an aluminium twin track profile, to provide a secure fixing for larger panes of glass.
Lift out secondary glazing is a great way of insulating windows that require occasional access.

These windows utilise removable secondary glazing to seal off the window while it is not being used. However, when you do need to access the window, the secondary glazing lifts out.

Our lift out design is especially ideal for listed properties where installing double glazing is not an option. Their frames sit behind the window unobtrusively, adding a layer of insulation without affecting the outer appearance of the property. The best part is, lift out is available in a comprehensive selection of designs. Since this is removable secondary glazing, installing it is also extremely simple. Get in touch with us and find out how we can help you with your lift out design.

Fixed Secondary Glazing

Fixed secondary glazing is an independent window that is fitted on the interior side of the existing window. The purpose is to provide significant noise reduction, improved thermal performance and enhanced security. An insert panel is attached to the existing pane and can be fixed permanently into position on a window or door then it is trimmed and sealed all around the edges.

Available in several different styles and single or double glazed aluminium profiles, fixed secondary glazing has a number of configurations to choose from. It is fitted in a way that is easy to maintain and clean, with exceptional functionality and performance.

Note: Neither of these types of secondary glazing units is suitable for fire escape applications.

Bespoke Secondary Glazing

Many windows in older, more traditional properties are out of square. In most cases, standard secondary glazing can be installed, by shaping of the timber sub frame and the use of bespoke windows and finishing trims. Where this is not possible, we can manufacture arched, curved and bespoke secondary windows. Our bespoke secondary windows retain original characteristics, whilst taking advantage of design, material and production advances.

Stained glass, leaded lights and historic glass can all be secondary glazed. From arched and bay windows, to curved and circular glass, Granada has the facilities to curve and bend sections, as well as the expertise to produce angled secondary windows.

Through our previous renovations of churches and historic buildings, we have a wide range of existing styles and templates, which we can modify to save on set-up costs. The full RAL colour range for frame finishes is available, as well as other special paint finishes.


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